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Carpet Cleaning

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

This is where it all started for me, I purchased a top of the range portable carpet machine which served me well but was bulky and generated a lot of heat which can cause problems whilst working in residential homes.

I then decided to upgrade to what I class as a top of the range ‘truck mounted’ Apex 570 dual handling carpet machine. This machine is next level, it gives us freedom of movement in your home with only two hoses running into your property.

The high PSI and heat this machine generates means we can steam clean and get rid of majority of stains and marks without using any chemicals and the quick drying time means you will have clean, fresh carpets in no time!

The Apex 570 is also extremely good at cleaning all types of floor and wall tiles and revitalising your dirty grout.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

This kind of carpet cleaning is not for your everyday cleaner, we invested £30,000 in the Apex machine for this kind of cleaning. We can run 400ft of hose from the machine to the area we are asked to work at. We can pre-treat carpets with a nice cherry smell and then using the hot steam method we can use the ‘Zipper’ tool to steam clean and extract dirt from the carpets in half the time as a portable machine can.

Cleaning stairs is also a dream with this machine and using a specific stair tool helps us clean easily and efficiently.

We cover one-off carpet cleans. Or, for a more competitive price, we can place you on a yearly contract offering 2 cleans throughout the year and 3 call outs to deal with spot cleans.


Extend the life of your sofas and chairs and get them looking like new!

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