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‘Mist’ Sanitising

Keeping your business running to some sort of normality, whilst keeping staff and clients safe in the knowledge that you are doing a high end hygiene regime, is now more important than ever before, to achieve this sanitising is a must.

There are two methods of sanitising, first one is fogging which fills the room with a ‘fog’ like smoke which floats around the room sticking to every part of the room leaving a heavy residue film over the surface which kills any bug, virus or mould on that surface BUT this residue will need to be cleaned off at the end.

This method technicians use full face and body protection, this is because not only does this method kill harmful bacteria is also kills good bacteria on your skin which is not good!

The second method is using a ‘mist’ high-velocity sprayer, this method uses a sanitising solution which kills all the same bugs as above.

A trained technician walks around the premises spraying, paying particular attention to handles, doors, switches, plugs, toilets, sinks, taps, cupboards and even carpets as these areas are most commonly touched and used by people.

With this method, we can sanitise leaving your premises ‘hot spots’ safe, obviously you can help keep yourself stay safe by not touching your mouth or eyes and using a 70% alcohol sanitiser once you leave the premises or wash your hands as soon as you can.

After a lot of research as well as many discussions with suppliers we have chosen a chemical which we feel will benefit you and help run your business a lot smoother, a copy of the data sheet which shows all the different types of viruses and bugs it kills, can be supplied upon request.

Antibacterial spray/wipes kill what is on the surface at the time, they not continue to kill bugs if they land on top of different surfaces, this means if someone sneezes the projectile is huge and even trying to hold it in particles do still go some distance!

The added benefit of the high velocity spraying system is the solution stays on the surface meaning not only does it kill what is already on there, it kills anything that it comes into contact with for up to a week, leaving you 100% safe in the knowledge you are doing all you can to help keep your property or business safe.

A high-velocity spraying method solution will not leave a residue instead leaves a powerful sanitiser that kills bugs and viruses after it has been put on the surface, this means it is safe immediately after the spraying has been done, leaving a little bit of scent, whilst enhancing your cleaning regime, to keep your environment safe.

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